Beaverfork Lake

Located on 25 acres off of Highway 25 in North Conway, Beaverfork Lake has areas for swimming, boating, and fishing. It also has areas for barges that can be rented. This park has several picnic tables with grills, one large pavilion that can be reserved, and one small pavilion near the fishing pier. There is also one large handicap accessible fishing dock and 2 boat docks. The park also includes two sanded volleyball courts, one office, three large bathrooms, one lighted baseball field, and three large parking areas. Physical address: 20 Kinley Drive

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Beaverfork Lake Fees

The following fees are to be assessed for the various permits needed for boating activities on Beaverfork Lake. Any craft propelled by wind, oar, or any other means beside any type of motor will not be charged during normal operating hours.

These fees are per craft and can be paid with cash or check only.

A. Daily Boating Permit, County Resident                 $ 5.00

B. Daily Boating Permit, Non-Resident                     $50.00

C. Annual Boating Permit

  1. The boat must be present when purchasing permit. Permit will be placed on boat.  No exceptions!!!
  2. The boat must be in the purchaser’s name.
  3. If renewing, you must have your old card. If you do not have the old card it will cost $10.00 to purchase a new one.
    1. County Resident                        $50.00
    2. Golden Age                               $ 5.00
      (must be 60 years of age or older and must live in the county; this person must be in the boat at all times when this permit is used)

D. Annual Boating Permit, Non-Resident                            Not Available

Public Mooring

A. Slip Fee- Barges and Sailboats Only                    $100.00
a. All Slips are to be maintained by the renter  
b.  Failure to maintain slip will result in loss of slip
c.  All modifications must be approved by the lake caretaker
before fees are collected
d.  All fees due April 1st

B.  State Tax                                                                              8.25%

C.  Annual boat permit fee is required

All Permits run from April 1st of the year purchased thru March 31st of the next year.
** Anyone wishing to get a dock application packet must talk with James first**
James Burnside



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